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All products, processes and developments follow the strategic
directive of continuous pursuit for efficiency. As a result of
this guidance, Schulz Automotiva is able to provide complete
solutions for the most complex projects, bringing together four
processes into a single plant: casting, machining, painting and assembly.


From selecting the best raw materials to executing the final project, at Schulz Automotiva the casting process is essential. The company’s foundry operations include nodular and gray cast iron, with 04 automatic horizontal molding lines, electric induction furnaces and automatic pouring system which ensure greater precision in the metal charge composition, reducing variations in the parts’ mechanical properties.

See below some of the characteristics that make the Foundry area stand out:

    • Gray (20%) and Nodular (80%) Cast Iron
    • Molding Lines:
      • 2 HWS
      • Euromac
      • 1 Hunter
      • Furnaces: Inductotherm, Inductotherm Holding, Otto Junker and ABB


Schulz Automotiva’s robust, state-of-the-art Machining Process, complies with the highest quality and reliability standards, meeting strict specifications of its customers in Brazil as well as abroad. Specialized, skilled professionals develop and execute extremely precise processes that optimize production resources.

Highlighted below are some of the area’s differentials:

  • Dedicated cells:  wheel hub, drum, etc.
  • Project standard work cells (Lean Manufacturing) and continuous production flow.
  • Robotic work cells.
  • Electronic tool preset.


In any company from the automotive industry, the painting process is extremely important. At Schulz, in addition to being sustainable, the painting system is technologically updated to always meet the most complex demands of its customers, focusing on perfect results.

  • E-Coat Painting (KTL): in this process, Schulz delivers products and projects with uniform thickness layers. And, since it’s a water-based process, environmental impacts are reduced.
  • Powder painting: the finishing painting process, ensures compliance with the appearance, chemical and electrical resistance requirements of Schulz Automotiva products, this system is approved by the most renowned companies in the automotive industry.


Assembly is a competitive differential at Schulz. In this stage, assembly processes are designed to maximize efficiency, seeking to optimize customers’ costs, by transferring these operations to Schulz Automotiva. The integration of casting, machining, painting and assembly permits full delivery with greater agility, quality control and an even more competitive cost within customer specifications.