Schulz > Overview

Schulz Automotiva strives for excellence by constantly investing in
technology, quality and performance to provide customers and partners
with the best products and services. Schulz Automotiva’s differentials
include its highly skilled teams and state-of-the-art equipment, with
full-service product development engineering, working in complete synergy
with the customer to attain the best solutions in part materials, processes
and design.

All products, processes and developments seek continuous efficiency. As a result of this positioning, Schulz Automotiva delivers a complete solution for the most complex projects, bringing together four processes into a single plant: casting, machining, painting and assembly.

Teamwork executed with competitive intelligence, knowledge and technical precision ensures robust world-class processes. The more than 3,000 employees receive constant training and strive to deliver the highest level of excellence in the world market.

Schulz Automotiva also works in conjunction with the best educational and research institutions in developing standards aimed at reusing Waste Foundry Sands (WFS). In addition, its workforce includes professionals specialized in the field of WFS environmental management. Moreover, the company is extremely active with Sindipeças and ABIFA, strengthening the association, always remaining updated with the latest developments of the largest auto parts and foundries located in Brazil.