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Schulz believes in people and their capabilities, having knowledge and collaboration
as pillars of organizational development. The design and quality of Schulz Automotiva’s
products reflect the investments and character of employees. To ensure constant evolution,
the company carries out actions that allow diversified opportunities and modern management
practices in an environment surrounded by committed individuals.

At its base, the company has the Schulz Training School, a program which offers ongoing capacity-building in the Machining, Casting, Painting and Assembly areas. The initiative won 1st place in the national SESI Quality at Work Award as well the Being Humane Award by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources of Santa Catarina (ABRH-SC).

Schulz Automotiva invests significant resources in research and development, through agreements with educational institutions, Universities and with participation in national and international fairs.

The strength in innovation and competitiveness is linked to safety processes, an important pillar in the company, with constant training and internal management committees for accident prevention. Additionally, an essential element to the Schulz professional is ethics. For the company, doing business with integrity is the directive that guides the Company’s stance in relation to the publics with which it relates.

After all, your business will only be sustained if you maintain ethical, fair and viable principles for all parties.

This is exactly why Schulz Automotiva has established a Code of Ethics and Conduct for its employees and partners. These tools help the company handle diverse issues, emphasizing the desired attitudes and behaviors, permitted or prohibited in the corporate environment. Compliance is the framework for Schulz Automotiva relationships.